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Dear Dr. Ghohestani and Staff, 

“I wanted you to know that I really do appreciate the gifts of your service.”

San Antonio, Texas

Thank you so much for the taking great care of me. I appreciate everything you have done for my skin. My skin has never looked better, and thank you, again, for taking such good care of me! I am looking forward to my AFT and microderm next week!

Always, BK

San Antonio, Texas


I live in Austin and have access to any dermatologist in the area, but I travel to San Antonio for all my Cosmetic Dermatology treatments with Dr. Ghohestani. I would not trust anyone else for cosmetic Derm. Dr. Ghohestani is the best!

J. E.

Austin, TX 


Have to say ‘Thanks’ to Dr. Ghohestani. I love my new luscious lips! You will definitely be seeing more of me visiting you- you guys are worth the drive for the wonderful service.

Thanks again,

Shannon V.


I am 45 years old and had put a lot of thought into starting botox treatment. However, I didn’t want to undergo a change to my natural facial expressions and was somewhat fearful of the procedure and facing possible side effects. After researching Botox treatment, I made an appointment to see Dr. Ghohestani. During my initial appointment, Dr. G and his nurse were very informative, discussed various options and answered all of my questions. I was planning to have Botox  for my facial lines and he explained why laser could be a better choice. The Doctor talked to me and explained all pros and cons before doing the procedure. I have been very pleased with the results. The change was subtle yet extraordinary and was exactly what I had hoped to achieve. I would recommend Dr. Ghohestani’s expertise to anybody who may ask what I’ve done to improve the reflection I see in my mirror.

San Antonio, Texas


Review by Jazz

The staff was wonderful and Dr. Ghohestani is just lovely! I saw him for some cosmetic work- botox and restylane for an all over syringe-based face lift. He was very courteous and very good with the needle and my pain was minimal. I’ve had no bruising and very little swelling and the results are AWESOME! I really think that his talent with the needle is why my recovery is such a piece of cake. I look like I aged backwards ten years! He gave me a fair quote.  I have to say that Dr. Ghohestani is indeed the Nordstrom’s of dermatology— or maybe even the Tiffany’s! I’m hooked for certain!:)


I’m 45 years old and had been thinking about doing Botox for quite some time, and I just decided to go in for a consultation. I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever to go through with it, but after talking it over with the doctor and nurse I felt very comfortable and went ahead with it. I was very pleased with the outcome. It was a subtle yet not-so-subtle change. It was perfect. It was everything I was hoping for.

J M.

San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Ghohestani,

I want to thank you so much for healing my wounds. I am so thrilled, because the medicine you prescribed worked perfectly. I think you are terrific!

Your patient,

E C.

I have seen Dr. Ghohestani throughout the years for various cosmetic reasons, but I also have a skin condition called vitiligo where the skin starts to depigment. I’m caucasian , but it has been getting progressively worse, and I was mostly concerned about its presence on my face. We started a course of topical steroids and I have been going three times a week for a new photo light therapy, and now I’m down to two times a week. I am just absolutely delighted with the outcome so far. My friends and family have all remarked on how fabulous my skin looks. I am just thrilled – it really has worked for me.”

Boerne, Texas



I had fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth, especially my lower lip that just drove me nuts! I did two Fractional Co2 laser treatments and a little Botox cosmetic and the wrinkles are gone. I am very pleased- I wish that I had done it years ago.


San Antonio, Texas

Thank you for my Victorias Secret lips 🙂 I love them!!!


San Antonio, Texas

My psoriasis had been so terrible the past 7 years, especially on my face and hairline, I was dreading having to pose for photographs at my daughter’s wedding. I am so very very happy. You put me on a program that cleared my psoriasis, and you should see how big I am smiling in all the wedding photographs! My God bless you, Dr. Ghohestani

Kerrvile, Texas

Your website is AWESOME. I have referred people to you and they all have been beyond satisfied with their service, treatment and professionalism.


Boerne, Texas

“I’ve had psoriasis for at least five years and it’s been just terrible, especially on my knees and both elbows. I’m a nurse so I wear scrubs all the time, and I’ve been embarrassed to show my arms. People notice it all the time, so it’s been a real distraction. I started treatment about six weeks ago, and this is the best I’ve ever been since the psoriasis came on. It’s completely turned around, and people have noticed. I’m really happy with the way my psoriasis has responded to this treatment.”


Boerne, Texas

I am so happy and I really mean SO HAPPY with my Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm  treatments. I can’t tell you how nice it is to wake up in the morning and look forward to seeing my face in the mirror when for so long I dreaded it. What an absolute joy! I wish I had come to you years ago. I can’t begin to thank you enough for making me feel so good about myself. Dr. Ghohestani, you and your staff are absolutely the greatest!

San Marcos, Texas

Dear Dr. Ghohestani ,

Prior to my appointment , I was feeling very scared for my son A. I haven’t had the best experiences over the past 9 weeks with doctors. I had heard from two of your past patients that we were going to love coming to your office and that we could trust what you would tell us about our son. From the moment I stepped foot in your office, I knew that we were in a great place. We were greeted by a kind staff, who made an attempt to smile and say “Hello” to us, even though they were all very busy working. The nurse,introduced herself not only to myself but also to my son. She  was so great with my Son and I could tell that she helped put him  at ease. When you walked in the door you sat down and really listened to my concerns. You were honest and sincere. All too often if feels like a doctor has one foot out the door and acts as if they don’t have enough time to deal with your questions or concerns. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to be at your office because you immediately put my mind at ease. I feel confident that my son  is receiving the best possible health care and for this, I am thankful that we found you. “Quality Matters” to you and that you treat EVERY patient the way you would want to be treated. Thank you for putting your words into action. Your patients and family are blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you in 8 weeks.



Boerne, Texas

My experience at Dr. Ghohestani  was outstanding. The staff was friendly, professional, and efficient. The atmosphere was warm and comforting. For over one year I suffered from a severe and very disturbing Acne. As you would expect, I sought treatment with several Acne specialists. After many unsuccessful treatments and painful episodes I eventually saw Dr. Ghohestani. He immediately identified the dermatological cause of my Acne and prescribed medication. I was Acne free within 6 weeks.

Thank you Dr. Ghohestani


My son had struggled with atopic dermatitis for 2 years. The doctor’s prescription combined with light treatments Dr. Ghohestani recommended for him was just amazing. He is much more comfortable, sleeps better, and does much better in school. He still has flare ups, but they are much less severe and short-lived. I am so happy that went to see Dr. Ghohestani.

Leon Springs, Texas

I had a growth on my cheek and Dr. Ghohestani correctly diagnosed it as a basal cell carcinoma. He excised it and I am pleased with the result. I didnt have any scar.


Fair Oaks, Texas


“Thank you so much! The light treatments have changed my son’s live 100%.


San Antonio, Texas


I have been to so many other doctors and I’ve never had the results that I’ve had from Dr. Ghohestani. The man can get rid of wrinkles!! I went for Botox and Juvederm. There was No bruising and i started to see results almost immediately and after 7 days Im so happy with the result, i will be recommending him to everyone! Such a pleasant experience.

SA, Texas


I have had Acne for 7 years, tried many medications. The recommendations from Dr. Ghohestani were the only things that ever worked for me.


San Antonio, Texas Student

After following Dr. Ghohestani’s skin care directions, my skin  have been under excellent control this winter.

San Antonio, Texas